AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics designs and builds a complete range of electronic devices for converting gasoline vehicles to LPG or natural gas. Main product lines are: timing advance processors, emulators, feedback systems, fuel injection ECUs, Switches and all the accessories to optimize the car’s transformation and operation. The company’s research and development currently focuses on designing innovative equipment that will allow eco-friendly alternative fuels to be used on all types of cars. The company’s reliability has got stronger over the years thanks to the product technical value, together with technical assistance and professionalism that guarantee real added value for the customer. AEB Alternative Fuel Electronics’ strength lies in satisfying the customer’s varied needs, creating the products requested by the market in the shortest time possible at a competitive price with high quality standards. Read more on www.aeb.it 


BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies supplying customers with fuels for transport, and energy for the production of heat and light. BP employs more than 100 thousand people and conducts its business in more than 100 countries on six continents.

The Helios, BP’s logo, stands for quality, safety and customer care. Wherever we conduct a profitable business we are also involved in community-related initiatives. In Poland BP launched activities on 17 September 1991. Initially, there was just a sales office for vehicle and industrial oils. The first service station opened on 5 August 1995 putting the company on the road to becoming the largest foreign service station operator in Poland.

With an investment of 800 million dollars and more than three thousand employees, BP in Poland is among the top-20 companies in the country. The head office is located in Kraków from where the company conducts its multiple-sector operations across Poland: BP Retail – Service stations, BP Gas, BP Lubricants, Wholesale and Resale Department. Read more on www.bp.com 


BAŁTYKGAZ Sp. z o. o. was established in March 1993 and since then has been operating in the field of liquid gas distribution nationwide. In our business we make use of the cutting-edge technology and multi-year experience of our foreign shareholders - Rheingas GmbH & Co KG and Westfalen AG from Germany, which allowed us to achieve the position of one of the leading and most experienced liquid gas distributors at our market. Our Clients are served by 4 regional centres in the entire Poland and have access to comprehensive and expert support and counselling of our sales representatives. Our main goal is to provide our Clients with ecological energy maintaining correct parameters. The BAŁTYKGAZ Sp. z o.o. company deals with propane liquid gas distribution. The gas is used in the household installations. Due to its properties it is the energetic medium comparable to the natural gas. We provide the gas, which is an ecological energy source. Using the gas decreases the environmental pollution, and ensures cleanliness of the house. We hope that you will choose our company as your best and infallible energy provider. Read more on www.baltykgaz.pl 


EKO-PAL mgr inż. Dariusz Wnuk. Read more on www.eko-pal.com.pl  



Pentor Research International - for 19 years Pentor Research International had been one of the leading market research agencies in Poland, specializing in ad hoc research. Pentor Research International supports clients in taking strategic decisions by providing marketing knowledge based on research results. Pentor Research International offers its clients international research solutions, supported by expertise from other markets, gained through research in various other countries. Pentor RI specializes in the following product areas: FMCG, financial services, automotive, health care and pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, the fuels and energy sector, and the construction market. In order to be closer to our clients and their problems we established the daughter company Pentor-Poznań, plus branch offices in Katowice and Wrocław, which successfully combine local market and local client knowledge with the know-how and tools offered by Pentor. Read more on www.pentor.pl


POLMOCON is the factory with almost sixty years tradition which has been producing products for the automotive market for over 35 years. For many years the factory has been specializing in production of pressure vessels for cars: pressure vessels for braking systems, LPG containers for cars and other containers, compressors and spare parts. The production is certified by TÜV, TDT (Transport Technical Inspection), GOST (Russia), UkrCEPRO (Ukraine) and follows these rights. Read more on www.polmocon.com


Tomasetto Achille Spa - with more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing components for LPG and CNG equipments for automotive applications our Company is considered the leader in the alternative fuel industry. Quality of products and processes and high flexibility in replying to the market changes are, since 30 years, the key for our success and reputation. In-house design and 100% made in Italy production, together with our long experience, guarantee the compliance of our products and services to the customers’ requirements and assure the quality and reliability of any single component manufactured with the Tomasetto trade mark. The long relationship with our Italian suppliers, co-design with our partners and customers and the tests performed in our internal laboratories assure the compliance of the production to our quality standards. LPG multivalves are the core business of our Company. Millions of pieces sold and installed all over the world are the evidence of the quality and reliability of Tomasetto multivalves. Tomasetto Achille designs and produces also pressure reducers (pressure regulators-vaporizers) for LPG and CNG equipments. Read more on www.tomasetto.com 


Zamontujgaz.pl. Read more on www.zamontujgaz.pl