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During the tour of Green Convoy LPG its participants took part in the following competitions:


  • The most cost efficient vehicle of the convoy
  • The cheapest power - kW 
  • The most ecological vehicle 

Competitions tended to demonstrate on specific examples, economic and environmental advantages of using LPG powered supply system in vehicles, based on reliable data collected on the route in standard conditions.


The competition awards were founded by Orlen Gaz, Stell Gas and Elpigaz companies. They were presented to the winners by the presidents of tha above companies during the Gala banquet EUROPE TOGETHER  held in the Sabat Theatre in Warsaw.


Competitions winners:


The most cost efficient vehicle of the Convoy was Ford Mondeo, equiped with Elpigaz branded LPG system, driven by a Polish expert - Paweł Szadkowski, with the score of 16,54 zł / 100 km.


The lowest fuel consumption per unit of power, that is the cheapest Power (kW) showed Lexus RX300, equiped with STELLA OBD gas injection system, driven by an expert from Latvia - Dmity Krasow. The cost of 1 kW for 100 km was only 0,1684 zł.


The winner of competition for the most ecological vehicle, that is the lowest pollutant emissions was Jeep Grand Cherokee, equiped with Rail injector, AEB electronic control unit and Polmocon LPG tank, driven by an expert from Italy, Rocco Grossi.



In addition, the Committee granted also a special prize to the youngest participant of the Green Convoy LPG 14-year old Ania, who travelled with experience gas experts during the tour.She may  continue their wor in future. 


Awards founders: