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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a lower-carbon fuel with an extensive range of applications. It is cleaner than other fossil fuels, highly energy efficient, good-value and available everywhere.


The history of LPG can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th Century. In the early production of gasoline, one problem faced was that gasoline quickly evaporated when in storage.  In 1911, an American chemist, Dr. Walter Snelling, identified that the propane and butane within the gasoline caused its evaporation. He soon developed a practical method of removing these gases from the gasoline. During the 1920s and 1930s there was huge growth in the number of applications using LPG from automotive to cooking fuel.

LPG is used by over 120 million people in Europe. It enhances lifestyles whenever and however it is used. Worldwide, uses of LPG are wide spread from powering cars to hot air balloons, from heating homes to barbauques. LPG is used for water heating, cooking, fuelling vehicles and heating rooms. In rural areas, where customers lie beyond the reach of natural gas piped networks, its uses include crop drying and thermal desiccation. In the industrial sector it is used for powering forklifts, aluminium dye casting, brick making, cement drying and many more.


LPG is the preferred alternative automotive transportation fuel. The driving range is equivalent to gasoline, engines can last longer, refuelling infrastructure is affordable and in many countries the fuel is less expensive. One of the reasons is because of the recognition of its benefits as a low carbon fuel. The development in technology enabled LPG installation in vehicles of all classes, and what is more, in sports cars, cutting short any questions on speed limits in vehicles powered by LPG. Investment validity in gas system should not raise any doubts, provided however realiable information about LPG advantages.    


Where does LPG Gas come from? See the LPG distribution chain ( >>> download the poster


Exceptional changes of XXI century require exceptional solutions - LPG an exceptional energy!

  • lower carbon emissions
  • versatile - available everywhere
  • efficient - reliable fuel 
  • secure - secure energy source 
  • back up for renewable energy
  • lower pollution