Did you know:

For the first time in this sector an effect of synergy was used in the promotion-advertisement activities. During E-GIFT joint activities were undertaken by subjects from different circles of LPG sector. Gas producers, importers and distributors, device suppliers and installation companies, national and European organizations spoke one language to target groups and were noticed by media. The synergy effect went beyond the Polish border. In the event participated representatives of European and Australian LPG sector.


Thanks to the partners, who "haven't seen but believed" and participated in the first E-GIFT financially or personally, the idea became real. 


The Sponsors of the first E-GIFT:

  • Orlen Gaz (Poland)- sponsor of LPG fuel for Green Convoy vehicles
  • Shell Gas (Poland)
  • Bałtykgaz (Poland)
  • Gaspol (Poland)
  • AEB (Italy)
  • Elpigaz (Poland)
  • Polmocon (Poland)
  • Rotarex (Luxemburg)
  • Tomasetto (Italy)
  • (Poland)
  • RAIL, OMB, FARO, RAM (Italy)



Sponsorship opportunities:


European Gas Independent Tour 2010 will be a unique and spectacular event. Bringing together Green Convoy LPG tour starting from Warsaw to finish in Madrid at 23rd World LP Gas Forum, conferences in Poland and other European countries, competitions and more into one huge show will atract unprecedented levels of interest.


With an expected participation of over a several hundred visitors including decision makers - customers and government representatives and opinion leaders worldwide E-GIFT 2010 will be the key opportunity to position your organisation. 

Sponsorship offers:


SPONSOR OF THE GREEN CONVOY  >>> download the offer 


SPONSOR OF THE CONFERENCE >>> download the offer 


SPONSOR OF THE E-GIFT 2010  >>> to discuss your participation please contact Project Manager


Everyone interested in participating in the E-GIFT 2010 - whether in the entire project, or in selected elements - is invited to sign up - the project is open to the entire LPG industry and its customers.