Did you know:

"Jazda za grosze...." is a magazine about autogas published since 1998. For years editorial staff dedicates a lot of articles to LPG ecological and economic benefits.  


Organizer and initiator of E-GIFT project is ELPIGAZ Group - a leading producer and supplier of modern solutions on the market in the range of LPG systems for cars and editor of "Jazda za grosze..." (Ride for a cent) magazine.


"Jazda za grosze..." - is a magazine about autogas published since 1998. The main objectives of the magazine are to promote the  knowledge of the gaseous fuels benefits in cars in order to ensure an increase of environmental and economic awareness among LPG and CNG consumers, to ensure a positive image of national autogas market, to create national platform to discuss issues related to the gaseous fuels.


For years editorial staff dedicates a lot of articles to LPG ecological benefits. Inspired by the resolutions of the Kyoto Protocol decided to put in place long-term actions. Their purpose is to continue the awareness of the gaseous fuels ecological benefits (i.e. less CO2 emissions), but also to arrange the meeting opportunities between people interested in taking steps towards ecological and economic activities related with:


  • climate change protection through the development of a sustainable energy model that can help us meet our environmental objectives as a society,
  • raising ecological awareness,
  • promoting principles of sustainable development.