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Did you know:

"Europe Togehter" show was prepared specially for the 50th anniversary of the European Union and it was performed during a prestigious gala event in Paris at the UNESCO headquarters in 2007.

Grand Finale

The Grand Finale of the E-GIFT 2009 project took place in Warsaw, where last conference "LPG clean air and EUR 60 billion saving" held.


The gala banquet EUROPE TOGETHER, coorganized by POGP, was held on September 16, 2009, in the Sabat Theatre located in the heart of Warsaw, at 16 Foksal Street. map>>> 


The SABAT THEATRE of Małgorzata Potocka is unique in Poland. It links two traditions: the Cabaret of the 20's and the more modern Variety Show, continuing their elegance, style and design. Here, surrounded by Toulouse-Lautrec style paintings all  find themselves in a world of light hearted review, song and dance. 






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